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Biological Data from Habitat Assessments of Streams Within the Big Canyon Creek and Lapwai Creek Watersheds

Data Categories Distribution and Relative Abundance
Fulton's condition factor
Dates of Data 2003 TO 2006
Data Set Status Complete
Data Set Update Schedule n/a
Date Data Set Published on StreamNet Data Store 1/10/2008
Project Name & Number BPA project numbers 1999-016-00 and 1999-017-00
Purpose of Data Set Purpose provided in Abstract
Summary / Abstract Fish data was collected as a metric of biological, chemical, and physical assessments of aquatic habitat within the Lapwai Creek and Big Canyon Creek watersheds of the Lower Clearwater Subbasin. Data was collected from 50+ meter segments within monitoring reaches located throughout six streams known to be utilized by the CRLMA subpopulation of the Snake River Basin steelhead DPS. One monitoring site was located at the mouth of each stream while three additional sites were located throughout each of the six streams through use of systematic stratified random site selection. Data was collected through electrofishing sampling utilizing Smith-Root LR-24 24 volt backpack electrofishers fitted with 11 inch ring anodes and rat-tail cathodes. The LR-24's were programmed to output pulsed DC current with frequency, duty cycle, and voltage settings adjusted relative to site conductivity and temperature. Block nets (1/4 inch) were positioned across the wetted width of both upper and lower site boundaries prior to surveys. Triple pass reduction sampling was employed with shocked fish netted and retained in electrically aerated 19 liter polyethylene buckets. Electrofishing crews consisted of one operator and two netters. Water temperature was recorded prior to each pass. In accordance with ESA Section 10 Scientific Research permits, electrofishing activities were aborted when stream temperatures reached 19 C to minimize potential stress to salmonids. Macroinvertebrate, periphyton, water chemistry, water temperature, stream discharge, riparian condition and channel morphology data collected at all sites is available within the corresponding report.

Densities, biomass, and average size of all fish species were estimated through use of MicroFish 3.0 DOS software (VanDeventer and Platts, 1985). Prior to data entry into the MicroFish program, O. mykiss were divided into subyearling, 1, 2, and 2+ year age classes. Subyearling and yearling age-to-length ratios were established through visual analysis of length-frequency histograms developed from O. mykiss data generated through both this project and concurrent fish distribution surveys located within the study area. Scale sample analysis was utilized to establish minimum length-age classifications for two year and 2+ O. mykiss as efficacy of length-frequency histograms were compromised by the relatively small data sets available for these larger fish.
Broad Biological Groups Fishes
Taxa Oncorhynchus mykiss (steelhead/rainbow trout): Snake River DPS, summer rearing stage.

Oncorhynchus tshawytscha (Chinook Salmon): Snake River fall run ESU, summer rearing stage.

Oncorhynchus kisutch (Coho salmon): reintroduced Lower Clearwater run, summer rearing stage.

Cottus bairdi (mottled sculpin)
Cottus beldingi (Paiute sculpin)
Cottus rhotheus (torrent sculpin)
Rhinichthys osculus (speckled dace)
Rhinichthys cataractae (longnose dace)
Catostomus columbianus (bridgelip sucker)
Richardsonius balteatus (redside shiner)
Ptychocheilus oregonensis (Northern pike minnow)
Acrocheilus alutaceus (Chiselmouth)
Micropterus dolomieu (smallmouth bass)
Location Lapwai Creek/Big Canyon Creek Watersheds
Lower Clearwater River Subbasin
NPCC Subbasins (2001 Subbasins) Mountain Snake: Clearwater
Keywords Oncorhynchus mykiss, steelhead, rainbow trout, Lower Clearwater, fish density, monitoring, Lapwai, Big Canyon, Nez Perce Tribe
Lead Person and Organization That Created the Data Set Clint Chandler
Other Participating Organizations Nez Perce Tribe
Contact Person for Questions About the Data Name:  Clint Chandler
Position:  Fisheries Biologist
Organization:  Nez Perce Tribe
Address:  PO Box 365
Lapwai, ID  83540
Phone:  208-624-3550
email:  Send a note to addressed for clintc
Broad Category of Methods Field
Data Collection Methods Electrofishing

'Condition factor' column in the spreadsheets refer to Fulton's condition factor (CF = W / TL3 X 105), where:
CF= condition factor
W= body weight in grams
TL= Total length in mm.
Average condition factor was calculated for each of the listed age classes within MicroFish.
File Formats Microsoft Excel (.xls)
Data structure description See data set files
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File Size: 230 KB