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Upper Flathead River system hybrid and rainbow trout spawning movements

Data Categories Spawning movements, habitat use
Dates of Data 2016 TO 2018
Data Set Status In work
Data Set Update Schedule Annually
Date Data Set Published on StreamNet Data Store 12-14-2018
Project Name & Number 1991-019-03
Purpose of Data Set See Contract Summary.
Summary / Abstract This data set contains movement information from hybrid (westslope cutthroat trout x rainbow trout) and rainbow trout captured by jet boat-based electrofishing during spring of 2016, 2017 in the upper Flathead River system. Fish were implanted with radio telemetry transmitters and tracked to identify spawning locations, site fidelity, and habitat use, thereby helping to evaluate the efficacy of suppression efforts and informing our knowledge of introgression sources.
Broad Biological Groups Fishes
Taxa Oncorhynchus clarki lewisi
Oncorhynchus mykiss
Oncorhynchus hybrids
Location Flathead River Drainage, Montana
NPCC Subbasins (2001 Subbasins) Provincial (Mountain Columbia/Flathead)
Dams Hungry Horse Dam
Keywords Radio telemetry, hybrid spawning movement, cutthroat trout, rainbow trout
Lead Person and Organization That Created the Data Set Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks (MFWP)
Other Participating Organizations Funding provided by Bonneville Power Administration
Contact Person for Questions About the Data Name:  Rick Hunt
Position:  Conservation Technician
Organization:  FWP
Address:  490 N Meridian Rd
Kalispell, MT  59901
Phone:  406-751-4572
Broad Category of Methods Field
Data Collection Methods During March 2016, 30 hybrid and rainbow trout within the upper Flathead River system were captured and implanted with radio telemetry tags. Identification of hybrid or rainbow trout was based on morphological characteristics, including body shape, spotting pattern, the presence and condition of red or orange slashes ventral to gill covers, and body coloration (Behnke 1992). Fish were targeted in the Mainstem Flathead River during March and early April, immediately prior to the spawning period of May-June to allow for reliable determination of spawning likelihood. Fish were captured using jet-boat electrofishing (Steed et al. 2017). Fish were anaesthetized using tricaine methane sulfonate (MS-222) and measured for length (mm) and weight (g). Captured fish meeting the 2% transmitter weight-to-body-weight ratio (Winter 1996) were surgically implanted with Lotek MCFT2 radio telemetry tags weighing 8.0g (air weight), using the 148.740 MHz frequency, with a 5 second burst rate, and according to methods described by Muhlfeld et al. (2003), using staples rather than sutures. Tags were programmed to run continuously for 632 days and were equipped with motion sensors, transmitting a different code if tags were sedentary for 24 hours or more. Passive integrated transponder (PIT) tags were administered during surgery as a double mark to obtain growth information in the event of future capture. Fin clips were also collected for genetic analyses and preserved in 95% ethanol.
File Formats Microsoft Excel 2000 or later
Data structure description See data set files.
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Papers, reports, and presentations that were done under this project. Steed, A., S. Bourret, L. Fried, M. Schnee, J. Deraleau, G. Michael, D. Belcer, R. Hunt, F. Ingelfinger, and M. Boyer. 2017. Annual Report of the Hungry Horse Mitigation Program, 1/1/2016 – 12/31/2016 Annual Report, 1991-019-03.
Restrictions or legal prerequisites for accessing and using this data set. No.

File Size: 130 KB