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Pacific Lamprey Conservation Initiative

Data Categories water temperature
air temperature
dewatering rate
lamprey size and survival
lamprey burrowing performance
Dates of Data 2020 TO 2021
Data Set Status Complete
Data Set Update Schedule none planned
Date Data Set Published on StreamNet Data Store 11-05-2021
Project Name & Number 2017-005-00
Contract #85347
Purpose of Data Set The purpose of this umbrella proposal is to facilitate funding for high priority lamprey restoration actions and M&E that are currently unfunded or partially funded in the Columbia River RMUs. This process will work in parallel with other programs that are funding lamprey restoration and M&E (e.g., USACE Anadromous Fish Evaluation Program, Fish Accords, Northwest Power and Conservation Council’s Fish and Wildlife Program).
Summary / Abstract Dataset includes field and laboratory data for experiments with larval lamprey to determine their survival and performance following exposure to various salvage techniques.
Broad Biological Groups lampreys
field collection
Taxa Entosphenus tridentatus
Lampetra spp
Location North Toutle Hatchery, Toutle, WA
Yakama River: Sunnyside and Wapato Irrigation Diversions
USGS Laboratory, Cook, WA
NPCC Subbasins (2001 Subbasins) Basinwide
Hatcheries North Toutle Hatchery, Toutle, WA
Dams none
Keywords Pacific Lamprey
native lampreys
Lead Person and Organization That Created the Data Set USGS, Theresa Liedtke
Other Participating Organizations Funding provided by Bonneville Power Administration
Contact Person for Questions About the Data Name:  Theresa Liedtke
Organization:  US Geological Survey
Address:  5501A Cook-Underwood Road
Cook, WA  98605
Phone:  509-538-2963
Broad Category of Methods Field and Lab
Data Collection Methods Electrofishing
Lamprey-specific electrofishing
Tests of burrowing performance
File Formats Microsoft Excel 2000 or later
Data structure description Each Excel file contains a tab with metadata for the data in that file. Select the file of interest,
based on the descriptive title and open the metadata tab for descriptions of each column.
URL where updated data may be available not applicable
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Papers, reports, and presentations that were done under this project. Report: Liedtke, T., Harris, J. Skalicky, J. and Weiland, L. 2021. Evaluation of larval lamprey survival following salvage: a pilot study. Annual report of research to BPA from USGS.
Restrictions or legal prerequisites for accessing and using this data set. no restrictions

File Size: 130 KB