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File Size: 1.1 GB

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QRF: Snake River Fish and Habitat Relationship Evaluation

(Version: 2.)

Data Categories Carrying Capacity estimates, Fish per Meter, Juvenile Winter Rearing density, juvenile Summer Rearing Density, Redd or Spawner Density
Dates of Data 2020 TO 2020
Data Set Status Complete
Data Set Update Schedule None Planned
Date Data Set Published on StreamNet Data Store 01-12-2022
Project Name & Number 2019-006-00
Purpose of Data Set The Scope of this supports QRF assessments and regional coordination related to fish and habitat assessments and to continue general fish monitoring and related research. In addition this may support Snorkel Surveys, Smolt trap operation or this may be moved the other project .
Summary / Abstract Extrapolation of the Quantile Random Forest (QRF) life-stage specific capacity models for Chinook salmon and steelhead currently relies on attributes tied to master sample sites across the interior Columbia River Basin (excepting the Clearwater River Sub-basin). It is desirable to tie those estimates to a linear stream network so that they can be visualized in a common environment with other information (e.g., Beechie Network).

This work element funds the evaluation of attributes accompanying alternative linear stream network models. If sufficiently attributed, a selected linear stream network will be tested to determine whether Globally Available Attributes (GAAs) are sufficient to construct a reliable extrapolation model for QRF.
Broad Biological Groups Fish, Chinook salmon, Steelhead
Taxa Chinook salmon, Steelhead
Location All interior Columbia River basin Chinook salmon and steelhead spawning and rearing habitat
NPCC Subbasins (2001 Subbasins) Columbia Gorge: Wind
Columbia Gorge: Little White Salmon
Columbia Gorge: Big White Salmon
Columbia Gorge: Hood
Columbia Gorge: Klickitat
Columbia Gorge: Fifteenmile
Columbia Plateau: Columbia lower middle
Columbia Plateau: Deschutes
Columbia Plateau: John Day
Columbia Plateau: Umatilla
Columbia Plateau: Walla Walla
Columbia Plateau: Snake lower
Columbia Plateau: Tucannon
Columbia Plateau: Yakima
Columbia Plateau: Crab
Columbia Cascade: Wenatchee
Columbia Cascade: Entiat
Columbia Cascade: Methow
Columbia Cascade: Okanogan
Blue Mountain: Asotin
Blue Mountain: Grande Ronde
Blue Mountain: Imnaha
Mountain Snake: Clearwater
Mountain Snake: Salmon
Blue Mountain: Grande Ronde
Blue Mountain: Imnaha
Mountain Snake: Clearwater
Mountain Snake: Salmon
Keywords QRF, Quantile Regression Forest, Capacity, rearing, Spawner density distribution, chinook steelhead
Lead Person and Organization That Created the Data Set Biomark, Inc.
Other Participating Organizations Funding provided by Bonneville Power Administration; Bureau of Reclamation
Contact Person for Questions About the Data Name:  Kevin See
Organization:  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife
Address:  705 S. 8th Street
Olympia, WA  98501
Phone:  360-522-3610
email: (formerly Biomark/Merck 705 S. 8th Street Boise, ID 83702 206-898-5437)
Broad Category of Methods Lab
Data Collection Methods Remote Sensing, Snorkel Survey, Spawner Survey, CHaMP protocol methods
File Formats GIS
Data structure description See data set files.
URL where updated data may be available
Some data sets are intrinsically linked to software, tools, models, or statistical procedures, and must be used in association in order to be of value. If this applies to this data set then the following information will apply:
Relationship between the data set and the software, model, etc. open access for generic GIS and R Software.
Where the software, tools, models, etc. can be obtained if they are not included with the data download. In terms of QRF documentation, the whole thing is laid out in our published manuscript, which anyone can access here:
Contact person for questions about the software, tools, models, etc. Name:  Kevin See
Organization:  Washington Department of Fish and Wildlife (formerly Biomark)

Papers, reports, and presentations that were done under this project. Extrapolating Capacity Estimates to a Linear Stream Network, K. See January 2021.

Snake River Fish and Habitat Relationship Evaluation, Annual Project Report, Project 2019-006-00, Kevin See, Richie Carmichael, Sarah Hoffmann, Michael Ackerman, Steve Gorrono, Chris Beasley. Biomark, Inc. Boise, Idaho; May 2021
Restrictions or legal prerequisites for accessing and using this data set. none

File Size: 1.1 GB