StreamNet Quick Plan

Objective 1 - Data Development. Increase the knowledge base concerning the regionís fish and wildlife resources through the acquisition of new information that responds to emerging needs as well as the updating and enhancement of production and survival trends and other existing information.

Task 1.1 Anadromous Fish.

a) Freshwater range, life history, barriers
b) Adult abundance (escapement, redd counts, trap counts, dam counts)
c) Juvenile data
d) Harvest (in-river, terminal, other as available)
e) Natural production ( survival, production factors, spawner recruit)
f) Hatchery production ( releases, returns, disposition, straying)
g) Age/sex composition for returning adults
h) Genetics (data availability)
i) Population delineation (as determined by others)
j) Historic range (general, reach specific where available)

Task 1.2 Resident Fish.

a) Freshwater range, life history, barriers (salmonids, sensitive natives, competitors)
b) Adult abundance (escapement, redd counts, trap counts, dam counts)
c) Angler use (fishing pressure, creel census)
d) Hatchery production ( releases, out-plants)
e) Genetics (data availability)
f) Population delineation (as determined by others)
g) Historic range (general, reach specific where available)
h) Status (stable, declining, etc.)

Task 1.3 Aquatic Habitat.

a) Habitat data from ICBEMP
b) Other appropriate data layers from the ICBEMP
c) Water quality (303(d))
d) Stream survey data linked to the StreamNet data system (for prototype watershed planning projects)
e) Other appropriate information compiled by others

Task 1.4 Facilities.

a) Dams and fish passage facilities
b) Hatcheries (including resident fish)
c) Diversion/screening (for prototype watershed planning projects)

Task 1.5 Environmental Improvement Projects.

a) Fish and Wildlife Program projects
b) MOA, state, and federal land manager projects (initiate)
c) Other state, tribal, and private projects

Objective 2 - Data Management and Delivery. Provide high quality data management services, with specific emphasis on the creation of regionally consistent data sets and the timely delivery of data to users in formats that meets their policy, planning, and management needs.

Task 2.1 Database Management.

Task 2.2 Data Plan.

Task 2.2 Data Exchange Standards.

Task 2.3 GIS Data System.

Task 2.4 StreamNet Internet Site.

Task 2.5 1:100,000-scale Hydrography.

Task 2.6 Data Requests.

Objective 3 - Library / Reference Services. Provide professional library services targeted to meeting the needs of the regionís fish and wildlife decision-makers, planners, and managers. This includes continuing to acquire and catalog StreamNet data source materials and other critical documents and providing open and efficient access to these materials.

Task 3.1 Collection Development.

Task 3.2 Access to Collection.

Task 3.3 Catalog and Index Materials.

Task 3.4 Library Services.

Task 3.5 Inter-library Coordination.

Objective 4 - Services to Fish and Wildlife Program Activities. Provide substantive technical data services to Fish and Wildlife Program decision-makers and appropriate Fish and Wildlife Program projects.

Task 4.1 Project Tracking.

a) Current year AIWP data base (cooperator)
b) Internet version of FY 1999 AIWP
c) Internet version of FY 2000 AIWP

Task 4.2 Monitoring and Evaluation.

a) Participate in and/or monitor FWP monitoring and evaluation work groups.
b) StreamNet data plan consistency with M&E needs.
c) Data reports and other products in support of M&E activities.

Task 4.3. Watershed Projects.

a) Watershed orientation data
b) Project tracking
c) Technical support to projects
d) Compile regionally-consistent watershed data
e) Internet delivery of watershed data and information
f) Long-term data storage and access
g) Assistance to watershed M&E activities

Task 4.4 Stock Assessment Projects.

a) Region-wide data exchange standards
b) Technical assistance
c) Internet access

Task 4.5 Service to Fish and Wildlife Program Projects and Activities

a) Analysis Projects (custom data reports and GIS products, data archive and access)
b) Research Projects (library services, custom data reports and GIS products, data archive and access)
c) Special Projects (as identified in the final AIWP)
d) Policy Reports and Plans (custom products for FWP reports and plans)

Task 4.6 Internet Access.

StreamNet will provide Internet access for information about, and data from, select FWP projects and activities.

Task 4.7 Protected Areas.

a) Maintain the official version of the Councilís Protected Areas dataset.
b) Archive official version as a historic record.
c) Respond to requests for information concerning Protected Areas.

Objective 5 - Project Management. Provide effective leadership that ensures the production of high quality products targeted at critical applications and the development of these products in a timely, cost-effective manner.

Task 5.1 Manage Project Activities.

a) Work statement
b) Personnel
c) Finances
d) Project reporting

Task 5.2 Participate in Fish and Wildlife Program Development Activities.

Task 5.3 Prepare Public Information Materials.

Task 5.4 Coordinate With Related Activities.